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About the Entrepreneur and Speaker

Please allow me to introduce myself. Nathaniel Holland is a future doctor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker with Superior Designs.  He has a strong background in the customer service and printing industry, in addition to work experience with various computer operating systems. He worked as a production assistant and press operator for his father’s printing business. A New Orleans native who moved to Baltimore, Maryland in June 2002, Nathaniel completed his Bachelor’s in Corporate Communications from the University of Baltimore on May 25, 2007. On June 30, 2013, he received a Master’s in Leadership Studies from Baker College Center for Graduate Studies in Flint, Michigan. Currently, Nathaniel is attending Walden University, where he is pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship 

Mission Statement

 Our mission statement as an entrepreneur and public speaker is to provide quality service at affordable prices and to your satisfaction. Also, my priority as a motivational speaker is to motivate, empower, and inspire individuals with motivational speeches that would uplift their lives.  

A Philosophy for the Future

The things that we allow to limit us only limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You need to motivate and empower yourself, which encourage you to open the door to go after your dreams. After publishing my book, the unforgotten Journey, I will dedicate myself full time to bringing my message in using social media for connecting with my audience around the world. I would like to help individuals break through the boundaries that are limiting their potential and get them ready to shape their future in striving toward their goals


Embrace the Future

What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? This website presentation was built on years working with various printing companies and learning public speaking techniques from Toastmaster organization that is staying ahead of the next wave. I will help you and your company by providing information on promotional products as well as present a webinar presentation on motivational topics. Printing and Promotional Products in Washington Public Speaker in Baltimore Public Speaker in Washington

The Real Connection

I developed this interactive presentation while studying at Baker College Center for Graduate Studies in Flint, Michigan. There were plenty of interactions between different teams online in which the connections between each member work efficiently. We worked to establish how to form groups and team leaders that allow the individual to present fresh ideas and make a decision with results that led to longer-term stability.

Workshops and Keynotes

As a kidney transplant survivor, I would like to have the opportunity to bring new life an advocate for organ transplant for the National Kidney Foundation, and give talks on motivation. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

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